Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Books, books, books

So I've been reading this book by Colleen Coble and it's pretty good! 

It's a little intense and has me on edge and ready to figure out who is doing this to her! 
It's one of her older books but it's great,
Suspenseful, romantic but good Christian values also! 
Check out more of Colleens stuff! She's a wonderful writer! 

You're enjoying my blog so far feel free to comment! 
What books are y'all interested in?:) 

Memories 🎶🎶🎶🎶

Hello everyone! Gosh isn't it beautiful today in the Tennessee valley!? Days like these take me back to watching baseball with my dad and brother and eating hot dogs and fries and those ring pops? Remember those! Wow haha. We spent almost everyday of summer at the ball park and  I used to compare schedules and check the standings online every Saturday night to see who had the best team, best pitchers and in and out fielders and hitters, and then try to decide whether they'd win or loose against the next team. I used to play wall ball with my brother and his friends and keep my own score book for his games by the dugout. Baseball was pretty much my life back then. Those were the good days! Things have changed now but I still look back from time to time and think about them. I've for some great stories to tell and I'll get around to them eventually but until then I'm just enjoying the weather and spring time as much as possible! 

Enjoy whatever suits your fancy in this fine weather and God bless!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh. Waves. Beach. Please.

There is something about being on the beach for me that is so relaxing. God really did make something beautiful and provided a wonderful place for us to relax. The weather here has been on a roller coaster lately as we transition from winter to spring and it's got me excited for summer and the beach! So here are some pictures I took the last time I went with my family! It's absolutely beautiful! 

We saw this near our condo one year and we just loved it! 

Take a few deep breaths and relax after these pictures, I know I will be! God sure painted a wonderful sunset! He is so beautiful and amazing! 

Thought for the day, God has your back though think and thin and will never leave you! Think warm relaxing thoughts and let God have your cares!:) 
Till next time 
God bless! 

Sleepy pups, BFF's. Just a reminder to rest, it's best ;)

 Hello everyone! Today I'm going to introduce you to my VERRY sleepy cute doggies!! 

#1. This is halo, my sisters pit bull. She loves to smile and  run and play with her tire rope and is possibly dreaming about doing so now. Her BFF is Biscuit! 

#2. This is biscuit, our 8 year old golden retriever and she is in her element. She loves to sleep, eat, and watch The Young and The Restless, or as she calls it the young and the REST. She's a sweet heart and loves everyone who walks across the threshold. 

They are deffinatly best friends forever! 

Hope you enjoy this scene of pure snuggely, cuddly fest and maybe even get a few smiles and giggles from it!:) 

Have a wonderful day!:)